The Gender’s Edge – By: Kia

It’s often seen that commercials are represented in many different forms and each try to catch the interest of the viewers by technics such as visual aids, a short funny joke, or representing a problem and how it can be solved by using their products. However, often commercials cannot be entirely correct. Many companies try to increase their profits by showing hidden massages where you don’t necessary notice it if you watch the commercial, but it gets planted in your brain effecting the decisions you make, which one would be choosing the products that was just showed on an interesting advertisement.  If you have ever watched any AXE commercials, every single one of them purely show that using their products lead to you being successful in the dating world.

There are two commercials from the car company Dodge that I have chosen for this assignment. The reason I chose these two commercials is that it represents the view of a gender from another and it shows the view from both sides. The two commercials are called “Man’s Last Stand” and “Woman’s Last Stand.” In these commercials, both genders go over how repetitive their life is. How they have to obey or do some tasks to satisfy their partners.

For example in the first commercial, “Men’s Last Chance,” the men go over their tasks that include: “I will listen to your opinion about my friends, I will be civil to your mother, I will watch your vampire TV shows with you.” Even though at the end of the commercials it shows a quick montage of the car driving at high speed on the roads to bring that that feeling that this car brings freedom, I think that the main massage is at the beginning. It shows that life can be annoying and you have to do a lot of things. But having this car is just simply a blast because there are no rules in having it, and you can go with it anywhere. You just buy it and enjoy life.



In the second commercial, now the females are telling their side of the stories. Even though the overall massage of what the car is and what it does is the same, the second commercial have been created to interest the female side of the population. “I will make the kids ready for school, I will make 75 cents for every dollar you make, I will ignore your smelly loser friend who is crashing on our couch.


During my high school year I took IB Films courses, where the main goal was to not just simply watch commercials or movies but to go into way more depth in what the director intended to show us and almost describe his/her decision on choosing a specific color, set, or music. I can honestly say that I’m almost unaffected by any kind of commercial unless the product is something that offers new things to people. I’m not necessary talking about commercials such as pills that make you grow hair because those are just straight up scams. But more into depth, on whether should I buy this video game, watch that movie, or buying fast food from a certain place because of the cool effects and the massages they plant into their trailers. But the media is simply corrupted. There is always those talentless people becoming popular, and the truly passionate people will have to dream on. It really doesn’t have to be a musician, actor, or a lead singer. People like engineers who have invented pieces of equipment like USB, are less popular that celebrities like Kim Kardashian. This maybe the only thing that grinds my gears about the media but it’s also true that it suddenly affects my point of view on someone when they say they are a fan Kim Kardashian. It’s this corruption that leads me to not simply care about media and that really includes commercials since they use numbers and numbers of celebrities to further increase their profit.

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