Internet Meme’s

Internet Meme’s

by Michael

            Before the age of the industrial revolution, the primary source of news was spread by word of mouth. Any type of news you acquire would be from say a next-door neighbor, or anyone in your close circle, but even that close circle was just a handful of people. Fast forward to the mid and late 1800 to 1900’s with the availability of print to the public news and idea’s begin to spread more quickly. Present day 2012, society is bombarded with news, specifically, ideas, trends, advertisements in every single seconds of our day. In todays information age, the term “meme’s”, or “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture, via the internet” (Wikipedia), has ideas spreading almost instantaneously.

By simply having an image along with a caption, an implied idea can easily be given to its audience. For example a picture of the American figure Uncle Sam with the caption “All I want is your data are belong to us” (Wikipedia), implies that any information generated and distributed on the Internet belongs to the U.S. government. Internet memes don’t always all have a serious message behind them; they are often times a comical. A picture of Kanye West during his interruption of Taylor Swift’s Speech at the 2010 V.M.A.’s is placed over President Barrack Obama with a caption saying “Imma let you finish but…” One aspect I would like to further explore is Internet memes and the using them as cyber bullying.

With the increase in the use of social networking has also shown signs in increase of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is just bullying but through the use of the Internet. Being able to easily get a hold of a picture of another individual, and then insert an insulting caption can hurt the feelings of that particular individual. Through Internet memes, this single act of bullying does not go away as easily that it may seem, but the meme can be passed and shared to hundreds or even thousands of people. In my research of the topic I have actually come across a meme generator that will take your image and put it into the traditional black background with bold lettering format. This had led to tragic cases of individuals taking their own lives from the harsh reality of cyber bullying.

It seems like for as long as the Internet has been around the memes have been around for just as long. Websites such as, or has been generating hits to their websites by taking others mishaps and hosting it where others can see. Perhaps the trend of taking images and editing them to depict an idea in the form of an Internet meme will see the end of its day like all of the other Internet fads out there.

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