60 Hours a Minute – By Kia

YouTube was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. The website became so popular that in less than one year, Google purchased it for $1.65 billion. Most of the videos uploaded here are generated by individuals’ even though big cooperation participates as well. The huge variety in original content allows people around the world to find information about almost anything, and see that news, or that specific tutorial from couple other people as well. If you are wondering how to use specific software, there is a video for that, so is for cooking, gaming, and clips from shows and movies. YouTube isn’t just an entertainment; it creates a world where people can almost do anything from a ten inch box. It creates a world where people can be free and express themselves. I personally have been a Youtuber since 2006, with 4 channels, that add up to 1,200 videos. If I ever make a video, I’ll upload it to YouTube, because why shouldn’t I? It allows me to keep all my videos and access them at any time for free and get huge feedback from my fan base and my friends so I can improve my future creations. Simply creating and expanding my YouTube page had been a huge entertainment for me, and I became more excited about film production and to even take classes to further improve my skills.

YouTube allows its users to express themselves fully possible in variety of ways. By commenting on someone’s video, liking or disliking it, or making your own video and simply stating your opinion to the camera. When a video is uploaded, hundreds more will be uploaded to say something about the first one. YouTube truly creates a more participatory form of culture. Sometimes, areas such as the comment sections has options as in “Top Comments” meaning the most thumped up comments show up here. The best comments are often here, so it’s either going to bring a smile to the users, or a discussion, where people can further express themselves and often the discussion is beyond the video. If you take a close look at YouTube, nothing here is by the website owners. Comments, videos, and playlist are all simply created by other people. Other websites such as blogs, news, are heavily based on the creators are constantly updated, yet YouTube stays one of the top websites world wide.

Although it’s difficult to see Facebook as a whole since it limits social interaction by allowing you to do all these from your computer, it does however also creates huge opportunities if well used, to create powerful events, protests, and creating groups to match your personality. I believe that websites such as twitter and Facebook are very much misused. They are used for personal needs so they are very much limited to interacting with friends. The creating of strong power groups, or political issues are just not there anymore. If we put it this way, Facebook users think simply “liking” a post will solve an issue. It’s true that they become aware of that issue using that website, but in the other hand they don’t do anything about it.

If you have been using internet for social interaction, then you might very well be familiar with internet memes. They often represent a specific personality, now either good or bad; it’s often represented by 2 captions at the top and bottom on a background picture that relates to that personality. The image below is from the meme called “Good Guy Greg” who is generally known for a person that is nice to everyone. If he borrows money, will pay it back on time, if sees your alone, becomes your friend, and if you have a belief about something, he will respect it. Memes are highly used in interaction websites such as 4chan, Reddit, and Facebook. If you ever end up doing a nice thing for someone, they may replay by posting this image, simply referring that you are a Good Guy Greg.

To make it short and simple, using the internet means you have no privacy. Websites like Facebook simply sell your information to advertisement companies. They know you better than you know yourself.


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