Facebook, YouTube, and Memes

By: Kelly

YouTube, Facebook and the whole internet is all about sharing and connecting. This will always have its ups and downs but lately it been mostly a positive thing. YouTube is great for entertainment and sharing music but lately it has been used as a great way to spread education. With millions and millions of videos on YouTube today you can learn almost anything by just looking up a short video. These short videos allow people to learn anywhere and anytime. Also with YouTube it should really make the world of online classes a lot easier for both the students and the teachers.

Facebook also helps share things but in many other ways. You can network almost any business or event to millions of people. It also has become a huge part in our social relations and our everyday life. This can be a great way to connect and keep many friends that would usually be too hard to keep in touch with without Facebook. This does have its down side and two more scary things are how much information we are putting out for everyone to see and how much Facebook has become a part of all of our lives. As I realize that the word Facebook is no longer flagged in spell check on Microsoft Word I also realize how many things Facebook is involved in that we probably never realize. Today many people joke that something isn’t official until it hits Facebook but honestly in many ways that is true. People rely so heavily on Facebook today that they seem less and less willing to ask questions and get to know you. Everyone now of days just looks at each other’s Facebook and knows also everything a good friend needs to know.

It is hard for me to speak about Memes when I truly haven’t seen too many. Memes are a certain type of stereotype connected to a certain type of person. Many times they are based only as comical things and quite often they do not hold messages that people would like to follow. They can make people compare themselves to the people in the Memes and it is possible that these Memes are changing the way people think about themselves.

No matter what part of the internet you analyze there is no denying that it is all around us constantly and it affects us every day. The internet is a world full of information and often way too much personal information. All we can do is hope that all that personal information is actually as private as the privacy setting supposedly say they are but how can we ever be for sure.


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