Internet Memes, YouTube and Facebook

By: Rashed A Rashed

Our world is slowly evolving around us, with advancement in medicine and new inventions; the world is changed since the past. One of the biggest major changes in my opinion is, technology. Our world has been constantly bombarded with new gadgets and toys that are helping make the world an easier and more convenient place to be. With the Internet growing everyday, there is constantly new information that is uploaded to the web everyday, every minute and every second.

The information we receive from the web can be very controversial. Some argue that the information is useful and some argue that the content is damaging to society. If we look at the information we can see that the information we receive can be very beneficial because if its fast medium and rich content. The Internet is able to provide us with information in a fraction of seconds with a lot of visuals and entertaining images. The Internet is very important for our popular culture because the Internet changes the way we do things, the way we live.

The Internet became famous among youngsters because it’s readably available, easy to access and simple to use and understand. Most of the recent things that I have noticed are that people are now able to use the Internet as a medium to gain knowledge. Teachers are using it to teach students and students are using it learn in a more innovative way, like learning from an online class, or by watching a YouTube video of someone explaining it in a more easier way. A good example of this is Khan Academy, which used Youtube as a tool for learning math. I have seen this spread around the world and more and more people have started to use it because you have the ability of re-watching a video, pausing it and the ability to follow the video as it runs.

Facebook is another form of social media that has become very famous around the world. It is a website designed to keep people connected even if they are thousands of miles away. It has dearly helped me especially because I’m an international student and my parent live far away from me, but because of Facebook I’m able to see what’s new back home and keep in touch with my family. People have argued that Facebook is a tool that is widely misused and is usually a replacement for people to have face-to-face conversations. In my opinion, people can misuse anything and everything but this does not mean we stop being innovative. Facebook has been connecting people with each other for years but will this trend continue to be part of our popular culture? Will it be overtaken by some other trend?

Here is an interesting link about Facebook and Google™:

With Facebook came a new trend, Internet memes. Internet memes have become part of culture, and its basically when people use regular images and remix it or edit it up to make it look funny or make it have a funny statement. Memes can come in many different genres, ranging from comedy to being political. Some memes make strong statements but its purpose it to be entertaining. Some memes may be very stereotypical but it shouldn’t be taken to seriously since its purpose is to make you laugh or give you a strong statement. I have noticed a huge increase in memes since I came to the US. Some memes that I like are very funny. I especially like the ones that are related to sports. I also enjoy some that are related to common Tv shows that I like to see.



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