Internet Memes, YouTube, Facebook

By Brenda

Internet Memes, YouTube and Facebook

            Facebook was designed to me a social website where connecting with others could become easier. In reality Facebook has changed the meaning of communication. Even tough two or more individuals can have constant communication with each other through Facebook (updates, posts, check-ins, etc.) the communication they are actually building is less than talking would create. Once you see someone’s ever move on the website you have little to nothing to talk about when you see them. Communicating through a screen with others is less personal and therefore less valuable as a means of communicating. Its as if talking and interacting with others some how lost its value. Everything is now done through emails, text messages, social websites and other impersonal means.

I believe that Facebook can be seen through different ideologies but one that strikes me in particular is that of creating a “false consciousness.” I think it gives everyone the illusion they are communicating with others in an efficient way.  As well as making one feel like part of someone else’s life because they are Facebook friends. Concealing the reality that communicating through Facebook deteriorates relationships, making it hard for people to have face-to-face interactions. In general I believe that Facebook sells the wrong idea to its user by staying that it helps them communicate and network when in reality it makes communication less personal and less valuable.

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