Memes at Portland State


About two months ago I came home from school and went on my computer to check Facebook. As I read about the things trivial things my friends were up to I noticed that a number of them had liked pictures that were showing up in my news feed that were posted by a Facebook page named “University of Oregon Memes.” The page features well known memes from around the internet but changed in a way to relate to the University of Oregon that are posted by either the page itself or by people who “like” the page. Many of the memes posted would make little sense to someone who had no relation to the school because they use references like specific classes or building on campus. I went to the page and looked at some of the pictures that people had posted, some  of them I found funny but for most of them I had no idea what joke it was making or why it would be funny because I don’t know much about what going to the University of Oregon is like.
A few days later I began to see other pages like the “University of Oregon Memes” pop up on facebook that were for other colleges. This being so it was only a matter of time until someone made one for Portland State. I searched for it and there it was. “Portland State Memes.” This one made way more sense to me as I understood what all the memes posted were about I knew what the jokes were about. I saw posts by people I knew and saw that a number of my friends had “liked” the page. The posted memes covered topics such as living in the dorms, dining hall food, the park blocks and includes a few jabs at non-traditional students that Portland State is known for.
By having a page where anyone can post anything,people can express themselves or how they feel about a specific topic.A group of people has a way to share different things they’ve created with peers who affected by the same things. People can use to memes to take a lighthearted look at real issues, such as the increases in tuition, and share it with others that are also affected by these issues. When this happens the memes begin to take on real meaning and are no longer just funny pictures on the internet but are people’s real thoughts and feelings on the subject. There probably isn’t going to be a lot of social change brought on by the use of memes on the internet but it can give people a creative outlet to share their thoughts to make fun of it to take away some of the real threat brought by the issues.


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