Memes have always been with us as a form of communication with people within our close inner circle, but with each newly added technology memes have enabled us to widen our communications outside of our geographical surroundings to the global marketplace instantly. Gone are the days when it took several days or weeks for your communication to reach others, printing presses and hard-line telephones have been replaced with cell phones, e-mail or Skype.

With new software discoveries companies have been able to take advantage of the Internets ability to reach people on the global scale. Social networking has increased verbal as well as visual communications. Gone are the days when media outlets owned the production and control the advertising dollars, individuals have found ways of replacing them within social networking of YouTube Face book, or blogging. Some have even put up their own WebPages for communications such as  just as with YouTube you can produce your own videos to be uploaded, as Khan’s Academy did to reach only one person, but ended up reaching millions of people around the globe with his much needed tutoring skills. His endeavors did not go by unnoticed or unrewarded for his financial payoff was in the form of grants from Bill Gates who has been trying to promote education in math and sciences.

As you browse the videos of YouTube or be funny or you soon realize the individuals production is rarely serious but that of the satire and parody that networks with advertisers would never be able to air. Such as “Santorum aborts presidency!” On be funny or This type of popular or mass culture resembles harassment or cyber bullying of people in the public eye. As does the videos of business or political leaders having their every speech or action uploaded to YouTube, eventually making it to TV shows and into the print media or used in a commercial by their opponents during the election season.

As new forms of social media make it to the web more and more content from the individual will be published outside the control of anyone. This type of communication will only increase in future generations of popular culture,


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