Social Networking & Advertisement Privacy

By Donna

In what ways are we seeing a commercialization of social media forms such as YouTube
and Facebook? You might think about how “liking” different things causes
advertisements to be targeted to you. What are the implications of this? How are our
expectations of privacy changing?

In my own opinion, I find it actually very helpful for online engines to be compiling
information to make my online experience more customized for me. I don’t mind seeing advertisements
on the sides of YouTube and other online websites that appeal to me – I’d much rather have
these kind of advertisements over ones that I have completely no interest in. However, I do
understand the concern that many people have in regards to the commercialization of their social
media sources, especially such as Facebook and other networks that connect people.

We must understand that as long as we are users of the World Wide Web, we need to be careful
about what we post and what we do while using it. Although you may be on “your” own Facebook
page, it does not necessarily mean that everything you use are 100% yours. Unless you personally
own a website or source of media, your frustration would be easily understandable. Being on any
website does not mean you have complete privacy either. When you type something you and always at
least the computer itself knows what you are doing.

Also, since in today’s culture, we spend hours in a day on the Internet doing different things, this is where the marketing groups of the advertisements come in. They know that Facebook, YouTube and other
medias are where a majority of people spend their leisure times, so they dive in for their
opportunity to interest you in spending money on them. People need money to survive, and with
technological advancements emerging even higher over the years, it will only continue to do so and
figure out its own ways to draw in more cash.

Basically: complete privacy does not exist and never will.

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