Spelling and Grammar

By Cassara


Imagine trying to correct and edit a paper for a middle school student filled with spelling errors like “u,” “da,” and “epiknizz,” and basic grammar mistakes and using text-speak for common phrase. Let me tell you, it’s a nightmare – only real.

While things like Facebook, Twitters and texting are great for taking connected with people, they seem to be having negative effects on spelling and grammar. In a sense, each of these things encourage laziness.

What I mean by that is with Twitter and texting there are a limited number of characters to use. With that limited number, it becomes necessary to shorten words and quiz using the space bar or any grammatical signs. Also, I do get the sense of not wanting to use the English rules we’ve been taught for years while on communicating with my friends via typing words. Typing out “u” instead of “you” takes a third of the time. Here, I stress that social media is helping us get lazy.

The laziness that social media encourages when it comes to grammar and spelling is fine when it remains in social media only – and their friends don’t mind it. It becomes a problem when people start using it in papers. In editing middle school papers, seeing incorrect spelling and grammar isn’t the end of the world, and seeing it in high school ones isn’t either, but when I did a peer-review for a classmate last week, it sure looked like the end of the word.

I would assume by college spell-check is everyone’s best friend, like it is mine. I will admit that I might be lacking in the friends’ department since spell-check is my best friend, but that doesn’t change the fact that spell-check is a valuable tool.

While I don’t have any tips on how not to use text-speak or social media English on papers, please try not to. its hrd 2 luk @ wn it reeds lyk dis. i can c da joy of dun’ it 2 mess w/odr ppl, bt plz stop cuz it dos hrt aftr a lttl yle & iz vry anon. 4col, it jst gos on & on & neva seems 2 stop. Ne-wayz iz ne1 bord? Cuz i m of ritn lyk dis. it rchiores 2 muc thaut.*(#)

See what I mean, it kind of hurts to read after awhile.


*Should read: It’s hard to look at when it reads like this. I can see the joy of doing it to mess with other people, but please stop because it does hurt after a little while and is very annoying. For crying out loud, it just goes on and on, and never seems to stop. Anyways, is anyone (else) bored? Because I am of writing like this. It requires too much thought.
#Written by that middle schooler I mentioned.

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