YouTube in Education

By: Jacob Combs


YouTube changes education and provides for new learning opportunities every day.  It is essentially a gathering of knowledge and emotions that are portrayed through asynchronous short videos that anyone and everyone can post and watch.  So of course there is a great deal on nonsensical jargon cluttering everything, but at the same time there is knowledge in it that can teach people any variety of things and instantly help someone from anywhere in the world. 

For Example when I first came to college I had just started learning how to play the piano.  I had this cheap keyboard in my dorm room that was from the late 80’s and sounded terrible.  This mixed with not having a clue how play made my room an annoying place to be for other people at times.  I had a beginners guide to playing the piano that I bought for 99 cents, but I didn’t know how to read music very well so that was useless.  Instead of taking a class to learn, I instead learned from YouTube.  YouTube had nearly every song I wanted to learn in a note by note breakdown that showed what keys to hit and when.  This was an extremely useful tool to me and I learned how to play several songs on the piano even though I had just started.  This allowed me to learn at my own pace and only learn songs that I really wanted to learn which kept learning fun.    

Another example of how YouTube taught me how to do something was in math class.  I was taking Stat 244. Rumor had it that this class was the most failed class on campus and I was pretty intimidated.  About 6 weeks into the class I was starting to fall behind and didn’t understand some of the material.  I tried the old conventional way of looking through to book to try to understand what to do but couldn’t quite grasp what I was doing wrong.  I then tried to ask a friend down the hall that I knew had taken the class but he couldn’t help me either.  I needed help with math.  So again I went to YouTube.  I had doubts that my specific example would be posted with a step-by-step process of how to solve the problem I was stuck on.  Of course I was wrong and there was, not just one example of my problem but, three examples of my problem.  The first video that I opened walked me through the problem, showing common mistakes that people make (which I myself had made), and solved my issue. 


In this case YouTube did what my college professor, my textbook and my friend could not do.  YouTube helped me with my college math class.  These examples are just a few personal scenarios where YouTube assisted me in college and enhanced my education.  I know that I am not the only person that has used YouTube to further educate themselves and I will use it again in the future to help me.  YouTube has created a learning tool where you can learn any subject you want, at whatever time you want and do it all for free.  That is a powerful tool and it has already changed education today.

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