Delete you from Facebook, Delete from life

by Reny

How is Facebook changing social relations? What new norms of behavior are being evolved (such as etiquette around friending and de-friending)?

I never thought the day would come where deleting someone on Facebook meant deleting them from my life. Its funny how Facebook is making or breaking social relationships. I remember that before Facebook, there was MySpace, but MySpace wasn’t as popular as Facebook has become. Furthermore, it’s allowing us to connect with more people more rapidly. For example, people that we might know or might have met once through that one friend of a friend’s, and somehow you or they found you on Facebook. Facebook also facilitates the way people compare themselves with others, which may have positive or negative effects.

Facebook enables us to connect with many more people, people who went to school with us, relatives, ex-partners, future partners, co-workers, etc. we can connect with people who have the same “taste” of clothes, music, food, same political views, and religion. You name it and you can probably find it in Facebook. Through Facebook it has become easy to approach someone you’d like to meet, it’s easier to “block” an ex-partner or an ex-friend.

Personally, through Facebook I have been able to stay connected rather I want to or not with family that is overseas, with friends from high school, junior high school and even elementary school. The one and main thing that I have learned to do was to censor everything I post. Due to having friends, family, associates, co-workers, etc has “friends”.

But to be honest, aside from family and close friends, I really don’t know know those other people. Yea I can do the occasionally happy birthday post or congrats post, but aside that I don’t have a constant close relationship with those people that I have befriended. They stay in the associate level.

Before to plan a party out you have to actually send out invitations, now a days all you have to do is go on Facebook, create an event, invite friends, and then await for replies. In a way Facebook has made it easier and you safe money on postage.

Befriending and de-friending on Facebook has become so common that it’s a part of current social norms. To block someone on Facebook is to block them from your life. To break up with someone on Facebook is to break up with them in real life. Especially, since some people live their relationship through Facebook. I will logon and will see a whole story about someone’s baby father/mother. Does Facebook ruin relationships, is a better question/reality.


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