Top Selection Paper (Mash-ups)


Mash-ups are visual remixes of videos, websites, or music that combines content from different sources to create and produce something new. Mash-ups enable people to create art-using work that has inspired them to generate something new that can lead to inspiring someone else. Mash-ups should be legalized so that the public has access to different information, sounds and visuals to invent something all on their own.  The music world has played a large role in mash-ups where artist use different beats, sounds, and video to invent something new. The creativity and innovation culture is on the rise because of mash-ups providing the chance for artist to create and make their own social innovations (O’Brien & Fitzgerald, 2006). Making it so that mash-ups are illegal will slow down the creative process of inspiring artist who constructed their own master piece using their talents as well as content from previous work that has inspired them. Most mash-up artists will post their work with disclaimers stating that they do not own the songs and they will take them down if the original artist wants them to. The mash-up artist goal is not to take credit for someone else work but to show case his or her own talents.

Mash-up artist frequently splice up samples while editing pitch tempo and the mix of the original works. Music mash-ups are sometimes meant to recognize so that listeners know where the sound came from, what the creator adds or take away from the materials is where their creative process comes in (Ryan, 2010). In December of 2005 the band uploaded a remix version to of Green Days album American idiot.  Green Day is a popular rock band. After the uploaded the remix version called American Edit they received a cease and desist letter on behalf of Warner Bros and Green Day. Many people found Dean Grays remix to be interesting, refreshing and different from green days version in many ways. Another example of good a good mash-up is the artist Milkman’s song “All About It” that samples another artist Pitbulls song “Go Girl”. Milkman eliminated the base drum and the repeating flute line from Pitbulls song and pairing it with a 90’s pop song by Real McCoy called “Another Night.” The pop context that Milkman turns Pitbulls version of the song into shows how dumb Pitbull lyrics are. This example shows mash ups at it best, turning a bad song into great song just by rearranging a view things.

Mash-ups show different sides of music by different types of people expressing themselves in many different ways. Mash-ups provide people the opportunity to freely express themselves creating art the way that they observe it. While it is true that mash-ups uses material that come from work that has already been released by someone else, the more important point is that the originality of individuals can be in danger if we take away the way they express themselves through mash-ups.

I feel that mash-up and media remixes are becoming apart of society more and more everyday. Mash-up is a big deal in popular culture these because it gives artist the opportunity to use popular music from different creators and make something refreshing and new all on there own.

By Brianne Turner

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