Topic Selection Blog Entry- Internet Memes, YouTube and Faacebook

YouTube have changed over the years in many ways. Most of the changes in my opinion are positive and serves as an entertainment, educational, and creative outlet for anyone who chooses to participate. When thinking about YouTube and actually using it I find that it shows you clearly what popular culture is all about. What is current in our society what is the new movement? The ideology of YouTube is giving people the opportunity to freely express themselves as well as they see fit as well as supporting other peoples creativity and innovations. YouTube is sending people a very clear message that says come be different or even come be someone else if that is what you want to do but overall come be apart and share and receive in experiences. I personally use YouTube a form of enteratainment it gives be the ability to listen music, comedy and watch a variety of different videos when I need something to do or when I need something to lift my spirits.

I have a YouTube account which is connected to Google, but having this account helps keep my likes and dislike in order so it able toe filter out what I would like to see and keeps things out of my face that I normally wouldn’t care for. The feature makes you feel that you are in control of what is coming through your computer screen and makes you feel that you apart of something major as well. I used YouTube in others ways as well such as promoting a social event. The event was put on by my freshmen inquire Race and Social Justice course. The event was called U-N-I; it was all about raising awareness about racism and injustices in our society in different systems. Systems such as healthcare, education, immigration ect. YouTube help us to spread the word by putting videos out about what we are all about and what goals we are trying to accomplish.  There can be bad found in all media outlets, but I choose to see the good in you tube and the many things it contributes to society. Of course it’s apart of the mass media but is really so bad it keeps the creativity wheel turning and new discoveries happening.

By; Brianne Turner

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