YouTube changes education.

By Yui


When I typed “youtube changed education,” the first website I saw on top of google search page was Education Youtube. Youtube officially provides educational videos, and you can sign up for free. There are a lots of educational videos that you don’t even have to sign up to watch. I can watch those videos whenever and wherever I want to, and the best part is I can just replay and go back to any parts that I want to watch again. This easy and useful teaching material has been changing the education system.

It’s highly possible that Youtube totally change the educational style today. We might not need to go to class anymore, and get a degree with just watching Youtube videos. This would alter the ideology of education. Youtube videos make learning style easy but it wouldn’t help students and teachers to get communicate each other. It makes education more personal and unsociable.

Moreover, the value of being educated would be changed too. If you can study with watching free videos, there is no points to pay for getting degree and for going school. It might helps people who don’t have enough money to go to schools or people who have other reasons cannot go to schools. However, how about people who are paying money money for schools, or putting a lot of effort to get scholarships and financial aids? How about people who are paying back money for students loans for years? It’s hard to say if changing value of education is good or bad, but it would totally change the ideology of education.



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