Internet is transforming our communication and relationships by Rulla

Coming from a country that lived through an economic sanction for thirty years and did not have Internet until 2003, is difficult to accommodate in a technological base/internet base culture. I was born and lived for nine years in Iraq where we did not have Internet connections, not only Internet but cellphones were banned as well. After 2003, the Iraqi community got exposed to all kind of new technologies including Internet, cell phones, etc.

During the time of Saddam Hussein Regime the Iraqi citizen did not have access to the Internet or have a cellphone. It was banned because Saddam Hussein saw that as a better way to isolate the Iraqi population from the rest of the world. It is a good technique for many years and I kept the Iraqi voice hidden and not heard by the media or any from of advertising. Soon after the Iraqi citizens started to immigrate to other countries, they started to get exposed to new technologies and getting used to live their lives with new technologies. However, soon after 2003 Iraqi market got overloaded with all sort of technologies and new products. Some products entered the country illegally. New technologies such as Internet, new computers, cellphones, cars, and other products started to get popular among the Iraqi community. But the question is, did these new technologies help the Iraqi community in any form?

In my opinion it did help the Iraqi community to an extent and did not help as well.
It helped Iraqi families to stay connected with their families outside Iraq. Many families immigrated outside Iraq and had to use the new technologies to stay connected with their relatives. Many Iraqis use the Internet or emails as a way to stay in touch. I remember my number sitting in front of the computer from the time she walks up until she sleeps talking to her family online and engaging her kids in the conversation as well. It made it easier for families to communicate from long distances.

On the other hand, it harmed the youth populations in such a conservative society such as Iraq. Many youth, girls and boys are now starting to copy the western image of what their life style should look like. There are many cases where young generations are getting married after knowing each other from website such as Facebook, but as a result we find an increase in the divorce rates. That is becoming a serious issue effecting the young generations because of all the distraction they are exposed to not only through media and the Internet. But in my opinion getting too much exposed to these new technologies in relatively short time period, has transformed the life style of the Iraqi community and the Iraqi young generations.


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