Duck Dynasty

By Michael T.

With so many different cable channels to choose from there are so many things to watch. One of the new shows I came across while in search of different reality T.V. shows was “Duck Dynasty”. “Duck Dynasty” is about a Louisiana family, the Robertsons, who have made a fortune for marketing and selling their trademark duck calls. What makes this show so interesting is the cast of the show, whom are actually all family members. Willie Robertson, the C.E.O. of Duck Commander, is the entrepreneur of the family who keeps everyone else in his family in check to make sure the company fulfills their quotas. His brother Jase, Uncle Si, and father Phil add a comedic element to the show with their red neck sense of humor.

            The episode that I was watching was about the generational gap Phil Robertson had to face with his grand kids. Phil feels that his grand kids have an easy life and wanted to show them what true southern living was all about. Phil goes into his grand kids school as a guest speaker. During his presentation he decides to bring in a duck, and butcher it in front of the class. He shows all the kids what they can learn from gathering their own food. Of course, to the 21st century kids, they are instantly grossed out when Phil begins butchering the duck. It is very funny to see Phil try to bestow his southern ways onto the younger generation.

A show like “Duck Dynasty” can show it’s audience what southern life is really like. One theme I can take away from the show is the value of family. After every episode it ends with a pan view of the Robertsons sitting at the kitchen table with Willie narrating what he had learned after the episode. I believe that reality T.V. is a really difficult medium to teach thing about a certain group of  people, unless it is a documentary of some sort. I believe that in attempts to get viewers to watch the show the producers will the skew the views of the people in order to gather more viewers. I believe that reality T.V. only captures a partial amount of the “reality” that we would see in the real world because reality T.V. usually has some sort of stimulation tied to them such as winning a large some of money. In past shows I have seen large amount of obvious products placements, and in “Duck Dynasty” the biggest product placement in the show would be their duck calls. Influences like reality T.V. I do believe causes the birth of pseudo-celebrities because the viewers see that from the fame they try to reach will bring them fortune as well.

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