Reality TV

By: Rashed A Rashed

Reality TV shows are built on truly reality where there are no scripts and everything is purely dependant on the people acting in the show. Reality TV shows usually air on TV and are supposed to be meant for audiences that just want to see some TV where peoples personalities reflect the events that will happen.

For this assignment I looked at a show called, “Impractical Jokers.” This show is basically about four friends who dare each other to do embarrassing things in public while the other three friends sit behind the closed doors watching and telling their friends what to say and do. Once the person is done with his dare they switch around until everyone has done their dare. The show is meant to be funny and entertaining. The loser who is not able to complete his dare must be punished by a very mean dare, devised to really embarrass his friend.

This show has a totally different effect on people since nothing is scripted and everything is done in the show by ordinary people to ordinary people, no actors involved. The effects are different mainly because you know that all the reactions are real and no one is paid to fake an outcome. It gives the audience a surprising outcome every time. The shows also show how our society is accepting of many outrages and questionable dares that are displayed in the show. It might give some audiences the idea that this is normal for someone to do.

The show is based on making jokes; they do many stupid things and make rude sexist and racist comments to get a laugh out of it. The episode I saw, they dared a person to go up to an African American man and tell him that he should not swim in the ocean because there have been several cases of shark attacks on black people. These racist comments give the idea to society that these comments are ok or normal.

Postmodernism is of direct relevance to this topic because it is a clear definition of doing traditional things in a non-traditional way. The friends play pranks on random people around the street and film reactions on TV. The style of this kind of reality TV show totally changes our prospect of what reality really is and how it affects our popular culture.

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