Keeping Up With Reality.

By: Jay

I watched the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” I had seen parts of it before because I have friends who are heavily invested in the show but I could never make it through a full episode. I think that saying that shows like this are reality is very loose use of the term. Many sources have come out showing that some of the scenes in the show are faked and some scenes are filmed months after the rest of the episode to fill in missing parts and make the show flow together more. To me this is pretty much the same as a movie filming extra scenes a few months after the main shooting is over. So if a reality tv show is using practices used for scripted shows and movies, is it really reality? We may think what we are being shown is real but we have no way of knowing how much really is. I think it’s more like watching a mockumentary that shows a bunch of people playing themselves in situations that made to look much more dramatic than they really are.

Another problem I have with reality shows like this one are that without this reality show I would have no idea who the Kardashians were. They’re not celebrities in their own right, they’re just famous for being famous. I have no other connection to them besides the fact that they are on this show. I’m not tuning in to watch them take on interesting challenges or be forced to live in a house with strangers, I’m simply watching some people’s lives. I think that implies that anyone could be a celebrity. It doesn’t take much, all you have to do is find your way onto a reality show and make sure to stand out from the other. The show could go on for a number of seasons and if you’re really lucky, you could get your own spin off. Being a celebrity doesn’t take hard work, it takes a reality tv show.

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