Negative effects to young generation

If you’re channel surfing, it’s hard to avoid reality TV. Now, we’re investigating how this genre is affecting young girls.

The Girl Scouts have released a study that analyzes the effect of reality TV. You can see their study here.
According to the survey, 86% say reality TV shows pit girls against each other to make the shows more exciting, and 73% say the shows make people think fighting is a normal part of a romantic relationship. The majority of girls also say reality TV makes people think it’s OK to treat others badly. The study shows that girls who regularly watch reality TV are more likely than other girls to believe the statements “Gossiping is a normal part of a relationship between girls,” “It’s in a girl’s nature to be catty and competitive with one another,” and “It’s hard for me to trust other girls.”
I watched “Love Game, Bad Girls Need Love Too.” As you can imagine from the title of the show, it’s about girls tries to hook up with boys, and they portray women badly. Showmakers makes it exciting, but at the same time, they are giving silly ideas of what young girls mainly care about is dating, gossiping, and fighting over guys, and everything else are the second things to think about. It’s obvious that the shows are not real, but there ARE some young people think that’s the right way to be.
The study also showed there are some benefits to reality TV. Of the girls surveyed, 75% say that reality shows have inspired conversation with their parents and/or friends, and 65% say shows introduce new ideas and perspectives. Many girls were also inspired by reality shows, including 68% who said the shows make them think they can achieve anything in life.
Entertainments sometime go too far to inspire young generation badly. There should be some restrictions to protect them from being these silly reality shows.


By Yui

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