Unreality Shows – By Kia

Reality shows are unscripted, unedited shows, where they represent the life of ordinary people rather than professional actors. The genre started around 1949 with the series called Candid Camera and the genre became very powerful and popular within 50 years. With a few exceptions, such as Pawn Starts and The Office, this type of genre often contains huge amount of drama between the actors as it also is the main conflict and the plot of the whole show.

It’s really broad to simply state whether reality shows affects us or not. It’s really no different than video games as in if the violence in them affect our decisions. It’s withstands on the fact that people need to understand that films are nothing shorter that unreality. Even though a show is called reality, doesn’t necessarily make it the truth. From experience, almost anything in the media is edited for simply gaining the attention of the people. If your open minded, you should know by now that you shouldn’t be making the same decisions as uneducated actors who most likely haven’t finished high school. The above image is from a show called Shahs of Sunset, and the only reason I have watched an episode of that show is simply because it supposed to represent my countries culture. However, it is truly no different than any other reality show filled with unnecessary drama, which shows, it’s simply an excuse to create another TV series.

Whenever I spend time looking at reality shows and their ratings in IMDB, the data shows that they are highly hated among almost every age group, except teenage girls and boys who are 18 years of age or younger. It’s safe to say, that as you age, you will become less affected by these shows. Teenagers on the other hand, do believe that reality shows, represent the truth needless to say that they are generally very vulnerable to almost any kind of advertisements. I thought it would be fun to print some of the comments I found on the reality show called Keeping up with the Kardashians. The show currently has a rating of 2.8/10.

Makes you sad to be part of the human race.” – DJ Graham
The worst thing is that it is totally not “reality” and comes across as completely scripted, planned and faked.

A stupid show about stupid people, pointless and a waste of time” – Kinaro
The acting is poor, which is not surprising considering how untalented these individuals are.

Dumb, dumber, dumbest” – Miles-10
My hope is that the show is scripted, because, otherwise, these people are evidently incredibly shallow, and they all seem to suffer from an attention deficit.

While not reality TV in the proper sense,  scripted parody shows such as The Office reflect the level of pop culture status that reality TV has achieved. The Office is the only reality show I have spent watching each episodes of it and following up with the new up coming ones. Perhaps one of the main reasons it stays one of my top favorite is it makes fun of the real reality shows.
“The Office uses reality-TV techniques (jerky, handheld camera work, “confessional” interviews) to explore the petty politics of white-collar workers. Now airing on bbc America, it’s the best comedy to debut here this season, because its characters are the kind of hard-to-pigeonhole folks you find in life — or on reality TV.”

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