Reality TV and it’s affects By: Mariela

Reality television is a genre of TV where cameras go behind the scenes of someone or a group of people and show their every move. Reality television is suppose to show the truth, but when in reality sometimes the shows are scripted. In the beginning of every episode of The Only Way is Essex it says, “…the tans you see might be fake but the people are all real although some of what they do has been set up purely for your entertainment.” I believe that that statement is true about every reality TV show. Reality television somewhat glamorizes some of these ideas that are shown in these shows giving an altered view on reality or social reality.

Reality television is the lowest form of entertainment and threatens our intelligence as much as sometimes it is hard to look away. Even though adults can see that reality tv isn’t actually what reality is like, but children/teens who watch reality tv reduces this idea of hard work and learn winning and scheming are the ways of getting ahead.

The Only Way is Essex is a show that takes place in Essex, England and follows a group of 20 year olds and there lavish lifestyle. The cast is an all white cast and all the men and women look flawless from head to toe. The women have big boobs, tiny waist with their make up, hair  done at all times, which shows that this is the image of what real women should look like, when in reality no woman actually looks like that. It also gives this idea to men that this is what women look like and if they don’t look like this then they are outcasted. The men in this show have fit bodies giving women the idea of what a man should look like. One of the guys Arg is not fit and lean like the other guys and kind of made fun of by his good friend Mark. In the episode I watched Arg went to the dentist to see about getting his teeth whited and straightened for his girlfriend. It’s not the only the girls who are trying to fit in and look a certain way, but it is also the men. Men go through the same things as girls, about how they don’t like there body image or what have you. It is interesting that this show is filled with the images of what prefect women and men should look like and act.

Another reality show that I believe brakes down the idea of what women and men should do is VH1s show La La’s Full Court Life. This show follows the life of Knicks, Carmelo Anthony’s wife La La. It shows woman, La La, who’s career is taking off and as well as being a mother. I believe that this show shows a strong female role in what she does with her career and her marriage with her husband and being a great mom to her son. Even though reality tv isn’t good for you I think that this show breaks down the boundaries and shows a good aspect of someone famous and their lifestyle.


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