Reality TV- Bad Girls Club by Emily

I recently watched an episode of the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen network. I have seen the show before and it is my only real exposure to reality t.v. I tried viewing the show through a Pop culture lens and what I concluded was riveting. These are young women who chose to participate in this reality show with other girls. There is no real premise or plotline, it is basically the producers of the show casting girls who will create unnecessary drama to gain popularity for Bad Girls Club. These are women with very little moral upstanding or self-respect that seek acceptance or validity through excessive drinking and superficial judgement of others. This idea of a ‘bad girl’ is incredibly demeaning to young women but for some reason is achieving massive popularity considering the show is on its 9th season. I believe it creates an idea that women on the Bad Girls Club are celebrities, they have become popular and accepted as a result of reality t.v. This show does not send any positive message to young women about individuality and ambition, nor does it accurately represent the women who participate. For those who can recognize this problematic approach to ‘reality’, the show serves merely as entertainment, a way to escape and enjoy the show with the understanding that it is a scripted distortion of reality. It is not the fault of the network who presents the show and its participants in this light, but the fault of the viewer that allows this kind of show to impact their lives.

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