Reality T.V


The cultural phenomenon that I would like to analyze is reality TV. For some reason one of the biggest sources of entertainment for most teens today is reality television and all of the bad ideologies that come with them. As the years go by reality television has gotten worse and worse. One of the most confusing parts of realty TV is their title. Even though they are supposedly based on reality none of them really show reality at all. These shows could be a great way to show teens the world that they will soon be in the middle of, but unfortunately these shows only display bad ideologies and things we should never encourage kids to do. In this paper I will talk about the jersey shore and teen mom and the main reason we should analyze them.

The jersey shore is a television show all about seven friends who have made the deal of a life time that most any college student would accept. All these people have to do is go to work about twice a week and the rest of the time they can do whatever the heck they want and usually they party. Now the reason that I think that this show should be studied is because I don’t think people realize how harmful this show can be on our youth. I don’t think that a show like this does anything but tell teenagers to party and hook up with people everyday and why would we allow such a show on TV. This show gives out the ideology that if you drink and hook up you will popular which is not at all true. This show is so popular they are putting out a fifth season and in this season one of the roommates will be pregnant. Now I can only hope that this show does not portray a pregnant lady drinking alcohol but I sadly would not be surprised. The other thing I would like to analyze in this show is how does it affect parents and there outlook on teens of today.

The next show that I think that I think needs to be studied is 16 and pregnant and teen mom. Why would we popularize something in our culture that is usually and should be looked down upon and not rewarded. These shows make young unfortunate irresponsible teenagers popular well known figures and I’m not sure why. The only reason I can imagine that this show would be good is because it educates kids and hopefully they do not fall into the same trap but doesn’t it also give the message that if you get pregnant as a teenager you will be popular and possibly get on TV. The other harmful side effect of a show like this that seems completely overlooked is how this will affect the children in these shows when they grow up. Would you rather see your mom on a crazy show like jersey shore or 16 and pregnant? Neither of them seem like they would have popular side affects on these children.

The last things that I would really like to analyze on all realty is shows are why is weed so popularized in all of these shows and how did we ever take television to such a low level. Even though I have never seen people smoke weed on television it is constantly talked about especially in 16 and pregnant and it just seems like one more thing we should be discouraging not encouraging. Last time I checked, weed was still illegal but apparently talking about the fact that you do smoke weed is not at all illegal. The last thing I would like to analyze is how we went from showing Bonaza to showingJerseyShore. It seems like over the years television has gone from showing heroes and elegance to showing anything that might make people money. All of these shows seem to tell me that all that matters is will these shows make money and that is all that matters.  These are just two shows in the crazy world of “reality” TV and sadly there is much more. They have become main forms of entertainment for many teens but maybe if we all are more educated on how these shows affect the teens of today then maybe we can make sure to change things for the better.


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