Reality Television

Reality television
There’s not much reality in reality TV shows today. Most of the shows are heavily scripted, and influence by the selfish pursuit of commercialism. For the most part the behaviors of the actors of this particular type of entertainment is quite problematic, in so far the lifestyles many times are not socially accepted in our current society “such as Jersey shore”. There have been complaints about this production in many locations where they have filmed. But on the other hand there are many viewers who were quite entertained by the plot of the show along with the different fashions and locations
For this assignment I watched whale wars a reality show on animal planet gives the appearance of having a more altruistic message behind the medium. This is one show that was a spinoff of documentaries; Capt. Paul Watson was one of the original co – founding members of Greenpeace. He is now the founder of the Sea Shepherd conservation Society.
The cast and characters of this production are not seeking their own personal riches from any fame they may acquire from the series, for each and every one of them are volunteers. Monies raised from the series along with other donations are used to maintain their fleet. This I believe is the distinction between documentaries to regular reality TV shows. For the members of the Sea Shepherd foundation view themselves as having a more meaningful purpose in life than somebody just trying to acquire fame and fortune for no other reason than being famous for being famous, along with any other financial gains that they may acquire. I think the products of some other reality shows featured products serves no purpose other than enrichment of their financial status along with their egos.
For the most part I would say reality TV shows may be popular, even though they don’t portray themselves in a manner that we would like others to see us. This soulless and mindless behavior in the pursuit of popularity for financial gain is a sad commentary on all of us who profess to call this our favorite entertainment.


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