Reality Talent TV.

By Jon J.

Reality TV Can often be seen as the monster of television programming. oftentimes, when we think of reality TV, we see in our minds the shows that explore the realm of the less than ideal examples of the human species. Shows like Jersey Shore, Jackass, and Toddlers in Tiaras. However, not all shows are bad, poor role-models, or mean spirited in nature.

One such example of these shows is ” So You Think You Can Dance”: a competitive reality show created to find and showcase the most talented dancers in the nation. Much like American Idol, it capitalizes on a skill set that it has popularized by making the entertainment available to the masses. Celebrities are held on a pedestal in our culture, so these shows that give the Average Joe an opportunity at stardom becomes appealing. As an audience, we are both uplifted by watching a normal person’s dreams come true on stage, as well as entertained by watching the talentless crash and burn as they humiliate themselves.

The drawback to this form of TV show is the entertainment that is given at the expense of a contestants dignity, but somehow our morbid interest as viewers tends to keep us watching. On the reverse side, the shows do give us the opportunity to experience new and upcoming forms of talent in the world, and promote them to celebrity status… if only briefly. In the end, they still prove to be normal people like us with extraordinary talent. In my personal travels, I have even had the opportunity to meet and dance with Benji Schwimmer: the Season two 1st place winner of So You Think You Can Dance.

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