Popular Culture and Photography

When I began to write this post about the photography series on children and television that I mentioned in class, I was reminded of several other outstanding photographers.  I decided to include them here as the work of all three of these photographers explore themes, ideas and concepts relating to popular culture and the content of this course.

Here you can find the link to the series of photographs mentioned in class.  They are by the German photographer Wolfram Hahn.  The title of the project is called “A Disenchanted Playroom” and the work is from 2006.  Below is an example of one of Hahn’s photographs.

The photographer Edward Burtynsky explores the intersection of the human and natural environment.  The outstanding documentary Manufactured Landscapes engages the collective body of his work.  Below is a photograph of a factory from a series Burtynsky made about China.

The work of Chris Jordan explores American consumerism among other subject matter.  Below are two photographs one of cell phones taken in 2004 and the other taken in Katrina’s wake in 2005.

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