American Film Evolution Topic Selection By: Hayley Saccareccia

Topic Selection Paper: American Film Evolution

            Out of all the different avenues of popular culture, I think that as a class we should further study the phenomenon of American film evolution. American film evolution is basically how film as a whole has changed and improved since its birth to how it is today in America. From: black and white films, silent films, and no visible kissing on camera, to color movies, not only speaking in films, but vulgar language, and provocative interactions. Even more specifically, the different genres of film and how they have changed over time; today we have so many more. Where before, there was just a short film that was either meant to be funny via goofy actions (i.e. The Great Dictator, where he mocks Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany) or an “action packed” romantic drama such as Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca – today there is action, drama, comedy, romantic comedy, horror, and even more than that…

American film revolution is relevant and important to popular culture because people in our society today absolutely love movies; we get to sit in a dark room, be lazy, and made feel a certain way or believe a certain thing, and just escape the real world for a little while. Movies are a huge influence on our society today; how many times do you hear people quoting funny or memorable lines from popular/good movies on a daily basis? How many times do you hear people making references from their daily lives to the movies that they watched a couple Saturday nights ago? People make big plans during their time off to go see new movies. New movies are always being made and coming out. We dress up like our favorite movie characters on Halloween. It’s obvious that our American society is immensely influenced by this single phenomenon, so I think it would be a very interesting topic to further study in our popular culture class. It also helps drive other branches of popular culture, such as media; what goes on in movies, how our society reacts to them, and their content is a big driving force for media gossip whether its movie reviews online or people tweeting about how hilarious the new Will Ferrell comedy is, it encourages media talk. It also introduces new popular culture phenomena, for instance Twilight and the whole “vampire vs. werewolf” fad. Present day films have a lot of influence, and studying how they got to be so important would be very important and interesting for our pop culture class.

We could spend more time talking about all things sex and physical appearance, but we have already talked a great deal about that and it’s hardly the fourth week of the term, so I think we should talk about something a little different, but equally as interesting. With all of that being said, I know that American film evolution would be a great topic to study for the last couple weeks of our popular culture class.


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