Smart Cars VS, Smart Phones Knowledge By: Sunny Rodriguez

Topic Selection Paper

My phenomenon for popular culture that I would like to study is the main idea is the making of smart cars and smart phones in our society. I would like to get in depth with the advancement, the affects and the rapid changes. I feel that ever since the Ford model first came out then next generation of ideas of cars has changed the perspective of society, then when the brick phone was barley available and the only people who where business related and could actually afford it had them. I remember that the majority of people had only house phones and nothing else. I remember watching Jerry McGuire and he had a brick phone and that movie is super old. I feel that this phenomenon has expanded the walls of society due to mobility and connection to one another. It was standardized at one point by only having transportation within boats, trains or horses. Even with cell phones I remembered that my family would never call. They would just show up randomly to my house and visit. Now our society has expanded and become a place where we are dependent of cars and cell phones to take us places or connect us to the world. With phones we have access to pretty much anything and everything and the sad reality is that our society is intensifying its technology way too fast and who knows what will occur in the future.

Popular culture has expanded so much that the latest new cars being driven and created are becoming so advanced in technology that society is depending completely on these objects. I feel that the easier things get the harder life will get and will challenge society in the future in sense that something bad will happen. For example, the latest Ford Escape as seen on commercials can open the trunk with just a foot under the back trunk. Second, cars talk back to the person driving and can have a conversation with the person driving and lastly, you can talk on the phone with someone and hear them through all your speakers. Pop culture is expanding more than some people can handle. As the consumer knew things and ideas are catching everyone’s eye whether we like it or not and we are becoming consumed by them. Corporations are taking advantage of the consumers and are creating new things making people buy and buy what is latest model of objects even if we don’t have the money for it. This then leads to a tremendous amount of debt and explains the whole idea of why America is so in debt.

This all leads into what we are learning about in class about ideology and the ideological products that supposedly makes us who we are and individually different from one another. However, the only bad thing is that we aren’t seeing the hidden lenses because we aren’t actually expressing our personality since half the world has the same products as us. Instead it’s creating a problematic issue because we are doing the same things as everyone else around us, but not being subconsciously aware of those acts.

I feel that this topic is important to discuss and spend time learning about because it opens up the classes perspective of what has changed and what is currently changing, but most importantly the consequences of what can happen to so much advancement in our society. I think that even understanding these concepts and how popular culture revolved around the idea that all the new high tech devices that everyone wants is all just production for profit and profit that we aren’t getting any benefit from. Sometimes I feel that as a student there are topics being taught, but I don’t get anything out of it. Out of all my classes at PSU there are only a couple that really got me to engage, but most of all gain an understanding that I can connect with the real world ideas and concepts. With that I feel that this topic is serious, but an interesting enough that it will impact our class’s perspectives and views toward new technology and the whole concept of creating high advanced technology whether it is in a car, or some type of phone devices. I think the real meaning and idea that I would like to empathize is that sometimes easy things in life are the things that are actually what becomes the hardest to keep and can be easily destroyed as well.


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