Super Hero Phenomenon

Super Heroes

            If one were to look at the records for top grossing movies of the year, decade, even all time, you might see one of the more commonly occurring genres are super hero movies. I think that would make super heroes a part of pop culture that would be worth learning about. Every year moviegoers pump out billions of dollars to watch these movies. Add in the comic books, cartoons, and other hero products and it amounts to quite a fortune.

            So what makes these super heroes so popular? Maybe partly due to how the super hero industry starts to gain attraction at such a young age. Countless children at one point or another has a want or dream to be a super hero. Toys, action figures, and cartoon movies further wrangle in the base of youth fan base. Then add in the fact that the movies are extremely heavily advertised and draw in more attention casting big time celebrities in the big time action and special affect movie.

            Even someone who isn’t drawn to super hero movies as a whole might watch just because of all the action, explosions, and added special effects. I think anything that is able to bring in such a following and strong fan base across such a broad variation of people is something worth looking at as a major marketing and product portion of pop culture. Heck even our pop culture text book has a variation picture of batman on the front cover. Another reason I think deeper research might be fun and interesting while being able to set a lighter mood than the sort negative advertising that we have looked at lately, while certainly being more positive than the look at dystopian pop-apocalyptic societies that we have also discussed.

            The main thing from all of this that I’m so curious about is why are super heroes so popular? What makes our society go out and stand in lines to spend their billions of dollars? Is there one main thing this obsession derives from or is it from a wide array of reasons?


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