Topic Selection Paper by Hoang Lan Doan

Hoang Lan Doan

Dr. Osborn

Sophomore Inquiry – Popular Culture

14 October 2013

Topic Selection Paper

            For the topic of week six to nine, I would like to learn more about fashion trend. I want to learn more about this topic because everyday we need to choose what clothes to wear that is the most fashionable or most up-to-date. Some people just do not care about how they look; however, most people do care about their appearance and what others think about them. People will judge you first when they look at what kind of clothes you wear.

Rich people wear different clothes from the poor. Different countries have different types of clothes. When first came to America, my style of clothing was different from my friends at school. My style was colorful and delightful compared to the style that most people wear at school was simple and mature. Many people that I know although they do not make a lot of money, but they spent most of their money on brand name clothes in order for them to look “rich” and gaining attentions from others. Those brand clothes are unaffordable and unworthily. With the same point, trend of clothes will change in just several months, and the money they work hard for will be spent on the new clothes. The cycle repeats. My mother once said to me that if she kept her clothes from ten years ago, and wear it again today, she could also be fashionable like everybody else because the trends repeat. Even when certain new trend of clothes does not suit the body, we still wasted our sweated money on it.

This topic relates to what we are learning in class is who decides the trend of clothes?  Is it the consumer or the producer? One out of the many examples of this topic is the trend of clothes in 2013. According to the Elle magazines, stripes is the trend of the spring of 2013 (Melby). On the website, it shows different models wearing different types of stripes in different colors. In each one of the picture is associated with a brand name clothes. Bermuda shorts, strong black-and-white looks, peekaboo pieces, statement sunglasses, bold stripes, Luxe leather, beading, short suits, sporty dresses, and flat/low heels are the trends that are set of 2013 (Gustashaw). “Sexy ’90s pointy heels are back and have been modernized with everything from dainty ankle straps to cylindrical heels” (Gustashaw). This fact shows that the trend is coming back from the ‘90s. The trend of clothes is repeating because there are limits of fashion in everyday clothes. Additionally, there are a lot of “rules” to follow and a lot money “need” to spent in order to be fashionable.

On a different approach of trend in clothing, some people just do not like the follow fashion. They just wear what is best or fit their body well. The society will treat these people different, and view them as a minority. Back in time, there were separation between classes, rich and poor wear completely different style from each other, and clothes was one of the factor contributed to line of inequality. Nowadays, clothes could unintentionally be the line that drives people into thinking that they should view certain group of people certain ways just because of the clothes they are wearing. The popular culture has definitely effects clothing.

These are the questions that I have in mind while yearning to learn more about this topic are: How did the fashion changed since popular culture started? Who produces trends in fashion? Why do people have to follow the newest trends of fashion even though it may not be the best suit of clothes for them? Will the future of clothes changed the society more positively or negatively?


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