Zombies & Vampires Topic Selection, By: Brea Lindbo

Topic Selction Paper

            When first brainstorming on a topic that represents pop culture for me today there were many things that came to mind. But a narrowed it down to what I see that is being represented most and to the greatest population. It seem to me that over the past couple years the topic of television and movies is very well know and its craved and talked about everywhere with all types of consumers. It has been brought to my attention that a large selection of these T.V. shows and movies seem to have a lot in common. The similar phenomenon of zombies and vampires is flooding today’s pop culture. Not only is it represented on the big screen in movies theaters but your own home within T.V. series or even video games, advertisements have even related to this topic as it has become such as icon and eye catcher for todays audience.

The idea of zombies and vampires is very intriguing to me as I don’t only see them every day in some sort of fashion but the overall concept gets me thinking about the much larger picture. Is there a deeper message within the simple idea of these creatures? Do they really exist, in the past or soon in the future? What are these films and games and media trying to tell us? We seem to know a lot about them as we represent their historic values and trades within these films, are we doing this research and making conclusion not just for the entertainment of our viewers but for a much larger issue? All these questions come to mind when I am constantly reminded on a daily basis that these vampires and zombies are very much contributing to our society today.

The question I have is whether my peers feel the same way or is this just the ideology that we consume on a daily basis that is set out for us as entertainment. Zombies and vampires to me are characters that create great film, but within these films or games you gain an understanding of these characters background and historical meaning, therefore is this all based on true identity or just for a good show. If so why is it being brought to our attention now? Not only are we starting to read about them and watch them on screen, but there is many different versions or stories and authors, this isn’t just a onetime deal, were being surrounded. Is this just a phase that perhaps we will fall out of as a society and forget all about such as dinosaurs, or are we going to keep this going because there is an underlying message beneath our entertained eyes that will soon breach the surface and we will have a much larger issue that reaching the next level and a zombies video game.


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