Aliens in popular culture

by Ali

Popular culture is determined by multiple factors and life experiences. Some of us have different experiences that change the way we look at a particular topic or situation. One particular phenomenon that is still a mystery is aliens and extraterrestrial life forms. Although many of us have never had an actual encounter with the supposed creatures, there have been many reports of sightings, abductions and interactions with other life forms. These stories have yet to be proven but there still has to be a small hint of belief because of the numerous amounts of humans who have reported encounters and can almost assure that it was some sort extraterrestrial life form.

The first and most common form of encounter with alien life forms is UFO sightings. Hundreds of encounters have been reported, and countless pictures and videos have been uploaded to the world wide web. For example the phoenix sightings in 1997 when many people witnessed what seemed to be a flying v shaped aircraft. Tim ley and his family reported being followed by the aircraft and described it as several blocks long and even got a picture. The proof is there but it’s hard to know and understand for sure without being there to witness the aircraft. The government later came out and tried to explain the weird aircraft by stating that it was just signal flares dropped during a practice drill. But no one who witnessed the flying object agreed with the statement, many said that they weren’t just flares.

The second and less common type of encounter abductions. There have been a few reports of humans who say that they have been abducted by aliens. This type of encounter may seem less believable but at the same time it could be the most believable if you were to be the abductee. One of the more recent cases of alien abduction was in 1993, the Kelly Cahill abduction. Kelly and her family were driving home one night from a friend’s home when they say they saw a round spaceship with lots of light hovering really close to the ground. Then came an extremely bright white light in front of them, they were blinded and she just remembers seeing a lot of movement and shadows. Kelly stated not remembering anything and says that they woke up driving home again on the road. They did though lose an hour of time on the clock and were marked with one triangle on the navel. She also said she smelled like vomit and even visited the doctor with stomach pains twice within the next week. This is just one of multiple similar cases where humans disappeared for long periods of time.

The final and most intriguing of all theories behind aliens and their existence on our planet is the stories behind area 51. It is believed that the government knows of alien existence and some even say that they’ve worked together with aliens on operations. It could make sense that the government may be hiding something from us because for every alien story or UFO sighting the government has an explanation and in most cases its flares or a training exercise and that we should have nothing to worry about. Area 51 is acknowledged as a USAF operations facility but what amazes most of us is the level of security in the Nevada dessert that surrounds this base. It can’t be just a base if it’s so well guarded, a few anonymous people have come out and stated that they worked at area 51 and indeed there is alien life forms in the facility that are being held captive in order to study the life forms and their technologies. Area 51 we may never completely understand but we do know that there is definitely something being kept secret from the rest of the world.

In the end I think that there is so much conspiracy and eyewitness accounts that it’s almost hard not to believe that alien life forms exist. In actuality there is no evidence that aliens don’t exist but there is a lot of evidence that they might exist. Even science states that there is definitely other life forms in other universes we just haven’t found them yet, although they may have found us.

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