Baseball Advertisement by Frank

The piece I chose to reflect on is an advertisement regarding the postseason play of Major League Baseball. I chose this pop culture piece because it features MLB team’s highlights by their star players as well as stadiums and flashbacks from history’s past in the postseason of October. This is pop culture because it is known as America’s past time sport. It is this time of year that sports fans and people in the USA with televisions will become aware that the World Series will be played this month. The ideology I am show casing in this advertisement is the feeling we all associate as the mirror receptor effect. We can watch someone else do something and see how they are handling a tough situation, that we can either relate to, or be able to empathize with. Because of this receptor in our brain, we immediately feel as if we are part of the team rather than a fan watching. That is why you can hear people say, “I hope we play well tonight” or “that was a great win for us”. Major League Baseball represents a vast group of sports fans and athletes all across the USA and world. This advertisement allows you to see and feel the power of the playoffs and understand the history involved. The effect this has to baseball’s fan base is to have you rooting for your team to make it into the playoffs or cheer for one team to lose just because of rivalries. The ideology I can see being used is passion and hunger. Not necessarily the hunger you feel when you crave food but the hunger you feel when you set your eyes on the prize and will do anything to achieve your goal. The advertisement sends Goosebumps all over your body as old images intertwine with modern day ball. You get a sense of fulfillment when you see your team being featured as one that has a chance to make the playoffs. They don’t call it the hunt for October for no reason, this is a time you earn your spot.

I personally, have not been conscious of the ideologies that underlie popular culture. I think that is because I have never drawn my attention to it purposefully. I absolutely agree that this academic look at ideology has begun to change the way I think about popular culture. The segment I ready about ideology and hunger with women was powerful material that I would have never second guess if not for this class. Different ideologies have yet to affect my life at this point I believe but I may be wrong because I am still not completely aware. It will take time to truly understand what affects have taken place. I can say that I have been affected in the way I think about myself. I try to achieve unrealistic goals with my body at times when I need to fully understand that each person’s body is different and it’s important to embrace your body to the way it was created for you. I think it hasn’t drastically affected the way I think about others but there are times when thoughts come across my mind. I think it’s near impossible to say you haven’t thought about others in an ideological prospect. This class has changed that view for me already. All for the positive I’d say! It’s amazing the how I view women’s advertisements now because of the one article we read. I hope this class continues to reflect positively on me the rest of the way.

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