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“Hipster Style”

For the end of the term I propose we learn about the hipster trend and specifically how Portland has become associated with it. This seems to be a big popular phenomenon in Portland but also around the world. This trend is well known and is even commercialized with the amount of items you can purchase, websites you can find, and even Hollywood capitalizing on this trend. Not everyone may agree, but I think this trend is worth pursuing further due to the popularity of it across the world.

The hipster culture I think plays a very large, and important role in contemporary popular culture because of its mainstream following. It seems to only grow more popular through the years. The hipster culture consists of many different components including the way you dress, where you live, what you eat, the music you listen to, the way you act, and many others. They generally have fashionable, yet sensible clothes.  It also involves being sustainable and eco friendly with a modern twist. You typically avoid fitting into mainstream culture, being unique and original is what you want to achieve.

This cultural phenomenon is worth studying in my opinion due to its popularity in the 20th century.  The fact that a lifestyle choice could be well known world wide and copied is remarkable. There are websites, blogs, magazines, songs, and even clothing stores dedicated just for being a hipster. Including the countless examples straight form Portland such as portlandhipster.com, and hipsterapproved.net. Portland has won countless rankings as “Americas most hipster city.” It is even possible to search “Hipster Portland, OR” to find the most hip restaurants, shops, and locations around the city.  The large, well-known “hip” clothing store H&M teamed up with a few local hipsters to film “The Hipsters Guide to Portland.”  While the successful magazine The New Times also published a video to there website, interviewing the stereotypical Portland hipster in the Pearl District.  This trend has helped put Portland on the map for its association.

It seems there are books and blogs written for how to become hipster, how to find a hipster to date, and even how not to be hipster.  Whether you are a hipster yourself, want to become one, or never want to be associated with the term you will always find this word relevant. The countless websites dedicated to hipsters alone proves how big of a cultural phenomenon it truly is. It proves that no matter where you are a cultural trend can play a part in your life. It is truly remarkable and something we should learn more about in the final week of classes.

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