The Power of YouTube – By: Samantha Nguyen

In this day and age, it is no secret that most individuals spend so much time online or on some type of technological device. Some may argue that the amount of time we spend on these types of devices is a bad thing, but I believe that it is a huge part of who we are today and is not necessarily bad. It all depends on what they are doing on these devices. Are they building relationships they otherwise could not have through the web? Are they learning something for class or personal growth? In my opinion, the appropriate amount of time spent online/technological devices depends on the productivity level. It should be in moderation without losing touch of the outside world. I believe there are so many things on the web that allows us to do extraordinary things with our time, one I find especially amazing is YouTube. YouTube has become a huge part of popular culture for numerous reasons. I will break these reasons down to two simple groups, Youtube allows people to inspire and be inspired.

Any person in the world can access YouTube videos with an internet connection. Think about that for a second, all over the world. For example, people who live in Rome can connect and inspire those who live in China. YouTube breaks down the barrier of who you can inspire by taking away the distance. There are so many ways you can inspire on YouTube. You can make a career of this site. Some ways I’ve seen people inspiring others through YouTube is by making tutorials, inspirational videos, funny videos for those in need of a laugh, and serious videos on hard hitting topics. People can inspire others by making videos about the things they care about that others would like to learn more about as well. Some individuals take this medium of communication and partner up with YouTube, this gives them income for creating videos on topics they enjoy. Those who do make a career of this, generates money based off the number of views they get on each video with advertisements along with the video. The ad could be a box on the side, a couple seconds advertisement that must be watched by the viewer before being allowed to watch the video, and there are also those same ads that have a “skip” button. Overall, YouTube allows individuals to get their voices to be heard by anyone across the world. By making it big on YouTube, it allows these individuals to be seen by other companies who may offer different types of career opportunities to them. YouTube is in a sense a way to network, the possibilities and opportunities that could be created through this site are endless.

A production group on YouTube that became really popular and is now networking and working with companies like AT&T Wong Fu Productions:

Now onto the YouTube viewers, those who can use this site as inspiration in their everyday lives. People not only get the chance to view a video from a complete stranger somewhere in the world, but they can also simply view things they may have missed that was on television. A lot of times, people go to YouTube to learn about current events in society, to be informed. If there is a topic someone wants to learn more about, they can research it on YouTube to get more information. People can also pull inspiration by watching motivational videos, funny videos when wanting to be entertained if in a sad mood, or to learn something they need help in. An example from a personal experience is when I was taking a computer science class, I needed serious help on my program. I looked up a tutorial on YouTube and there I found someone who helped me step through step solve my problem in order to fix my program. YouTube seriously can further one’s education. I also watched Micro Economic lessons through Youtube during my summer term in order to fully understand the concepts seeming as I am a visual learner. A lot of people have a hard time learning something the traditional reading/writing way, YouTube helps those like myself who are visual learners.

In conclusion YouTube is a huge part of popular culture today. When someone says they do not understand or would like to learn something, a common phrase people tell one another today is “YouTube it”. I have learned countless lessons from YouTube ranging from educational, inspirational

TED talks, and even simply on makeup tutorials when I feel the want to switch up my look. I know YouTube has so many lessons in store for me and for others later in life. For example I’m sure I won’t know what to do when I cannot get my future child to eat vegetables, and when that time comes I will know to “YouTube it” for tips and advice.


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