Topic Selection Paper: Fangirls By Amanda

Being a fan of the boy band One Direction I know quite a bit about the phenomenon, the fangirl.  The fangirl has come and gone through out recent history, they existed in the days of Elvis Presley, NSYNC and now with Justin Bieber, One Direction and many others.  Some characteristics that the fangirl possesses is screaming, crying and blogging over which ever band or actor they worship.

I, myself, was a fangirl at one point in time.  My life revolved around One Direction, a British/ Irish boy band, my entire senior year.  I read gossip blogs, had their tweets sent to my phone and listened to their CD around 5 times a day.  Looking back, I realize how much of my life was wasted over a boy band, but at the time One Direction was all I could think about.

One part of my fangirl stage that I still think was crazy of me was to buy tickets for a One Direction concert over a year and a half in advance.  I hadn’t even heard the songs they would be playing, but I still just had to go.  I actually was at a conference when the tickets went on sale and had no way to purchase them.  Instead, I called my older brother and had to have him buy them for me.

Between the time of my concert and the time that I purchased the tickets the amount of fan-girling I did decreased drastically; I still listened to their music occasionally and kept up with some bigger news surrounding them, but the excessive stalking and obsessing didn’t happen anymore and I was glad that it did.  It made me realize just how crazy it was.

I fully realized how crazy fangirls are when I went to the One Direction concert in Seattle.  My friend and I got to Seattle early in the day so we could explore the city.  We parked and walked to the Space Needle and ended up walking past the tour buses the boys have been staying in.  It was complete chaos, there were girls screaming and circling and running around the gated area for a glimpse of seeing One Direction.  It didn’t end there though!  We went to the Pike Place Market and I could spot the fangirls, they were dressed in homemade t-shirts, merchandise and crazy hats.  You could hear them asking each other “Do you think they’re here?  I hope Harry sees me!” It sounded so ridiculous and absolutely nuts.

Another way I have seen the craziness that is the fangirl is through social media site.  It’s mostly present on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.  The worshipping over celebrities is extremely apparent on these sites. I know personally I follow about 35 celebrities on twitter and 18 on Instagram, but I’m not as hardcore as other people who tweet their celebrity crush multiple time a day in hopes of him seeing her.

I think that we should look further at fangirls because it incorporates lots of aspects of pop culture.  Some of those are celebrities,  and social media.  I w would be a different way to look at these subjects and it is definitely something that is a larger part of society amongst teens and pre teens.

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