Reality TV By: Sunny Rodriguez

Reality TV: The most outrageous thing to watch on TV!

I feel that reality TV has not only consumed our televisions, but I feel that it has become such a theme to get people to watch and get high ratings that we forget what is being done. We are so interested on the lives of others that we DO NOT FOCUS ON OUR OWN! Reality TV starts from sixteen and pregnant to finding a man (The Bachelor) or even a women. It’s also scandalous the way we have a reality TV show that allow blurred body parts of male and females naked taking porn photographs and acting inappropriate. (The Girls Next Door). There are children watching these shows and are learning from these shows on how to act and perceive things. I feel that since they see it on TV children will think that it is okay to do. Also, I feel that the quote of parents always saying to their kids “don’t do what you see on TV” is evolving and actually becoming something that kids are doing.

The reality is that we are being influenced by these shows whether we recognize it or not. I feel that if we don’t put an end to them now and see what is actually being aired on national TV then no one else will. Like in one of our presentations in our Pop Culture class, what is being aired on TV now wasn’t even brought up a decade ago. It was seen as incorrect and not appropriate for everyone to see, however this idea is long gone.

In fact we are allowed to say “BITCH” and “FUCK” on TV. This is okay?

The social representations that reality TV has only brings out the worst in people, this idea that we only have negative behaviors or acting in ways that portray to always fall under stereotypes. As everyone eventually whether sitting down watching TV, riding the bus or even surfing the web are being influenced by a wide range of stereotypes. These ideas are helping exploit stereotypes within the reality TV shows and it’s important to pay attention to them because they sell. Reality TV and television in general is a business. A business that has a job, a job to produce and make money and what not a better way than to use race, gender and social class to achieve it. I feel that what we watch is being perpetuated and people are agreeing with these stereotypes and that’s unfair and wrong.

For example my mother, a middle class single women who works all day and as soon as she gets home spends the rest of her day on the couch. It’s become a Monday thru Friday routine. Sadly, my mom spends about eight hours watching TV and even at times falls asleep with the TV on. She is being consumed by her TV shows which consist of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “Kim and Kourtney take on Miami” and her favorite “The Hills” and lastly “The bad girls club”. She watches show after show and sometimes even switches back in fourth when it goes to commercials. I find it fascinating how when I go out or she asks me what am I going to do this weekend she uses a scenario from one of her shows to tell me what she thinks I’m going to go do. Which most of all consist of her saying “You’re probably going to go get drunk and dance on the bar counter”. I find this fascinating because in reality I usually and most of the time only dress up to go to dinner with my boyfriend and then back to his place and watch movies or go to Cinetopia which is our favorite place. However, she doesn’t know this because she doesn’t ask or care. Her mind is so wrapped up on these ideas of stereotypes that women play and she thinks of course that all young women are doing and behaving that way.

Personally my mother has been and will remain to be a follower to these reality TV shows and by watching this she is helping reality TV to continue to stay alive and extend its change in society because not only will reality TV keep changing, but each time it will take it to a new level. This level may not be the best and can bring conflict and more issues to society and even the viewers.

Sometimes it’s best to not just look at television or any type of social media, but really taking a look at what you’re looking at. To take a second look and understand that it’s important to really grasp what our children are watching and most importantly what we are being influenced by.

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