The Evolution of TV and Film: Reality TV

By: Jamie Weisman

The Evolution of TV and Film: Reality TV

       Reality television is a cultural phenomenon that has captivated the world. Whether you like it or not one thing is clear, it has changed the way in which we watch TV. It has become increasing hard to avoid due to the large amount of coverage. While the genre of reality TV is can be traced back to 1948 when Allen Funt starred in Candid Camera the “reality television” which we see today started around the 1990’s. Many of the biggest celebrities in the world have either started as reality TV stars or participated in their own show after gaining fame. They incorporated this pop culture phenomenon for all of us to see. They cashed in on the market that is worth billions. This genre involves real people often times in situations you can relate to. They have a very low budget and only need few cameras, making it very functional. Basically any person can be cast or star in a reality TV show, another reason why it is largely popular. It seems as though today many people think once they have a reality show they are on the track to stardom whether they are liked or not by the public. Many shows gain publicity by pushing the boundaries. A majority of the reality shows on air right now involve subject matter that never would have been shown fifty years ago. A woman wasn’t even allowed to show her stomach on TV until the 1970’s, but yet today the subject matter that is shown is extremely inappropriate. While evolution is good, it will be fascinating to see what the next fifty years brings for reality television.


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