Teenagers and Reality TV

By Becca O’Brien

Television is full of reality TV nowadays and  teenagers are a major viewing factor to this. Many of the reality shows are of people partying or getting into fights or cussing in every sentence. There are shows about teenagers getting pregnant and trying to raise kids. Some teenagers might think these things are what they need to with their lives. It gives them a bad impression on what “reality” TV really is. Reality shows are suppose to by unscripted. But really how many of them are really “unscripted”? 

I myself was guilty of watching many reality shows when I was a teenager. I think it was more so for the entertainment. I knew the shows were not completely reality. But for some teenagers they watch shows like teen mom or 16 and pregnant and think that getting pregnant as a teenager will get them a TV show. I know they point they made the show was to show teenagers what it is like to raise a kid while you are still essentially a kid. and other shows like Jersey shore shows teenagers that they can just party and drink all the time and that will get them a TV show. 

However there are other shows such as competition shows that people are interested in to see who wins. Many people watch those but not as many teenagers are adults. In a table I found of what reality shows teenagers watch competition shows was ranked number 5. while entertainment/excitement of the show was ranked number 1. 


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