Week 9 Topic Selection Blog Entry – Hoang Lan Doan

Hoang Lan Doan

Dr. Osborn

Popular Culture

25 November 2013

Week 9 Topic Selection Blog Entry

            TV and film has definitely evolved over time. In the book that we read in class “The Hunger Games”, it is similar to what we have today as “reality TV”. We want to watch people fight, hate, and love each other. Similar to the book where twelve districts have to fight for their survival. They have to hate each other in order to kill them; otherwise, they could get killed. Also, the love story is what really hooks the audience into watching, which is the same where the fake love story has to happen between Peeta and Katniss in order for them to receive helps with the Capitol. While watching “reality TV”, we do the same thing, we wish for that couple to love or develop relationship with each other.

Compared to now, the evolution of representation of races and gender, and even class has been changed. Like one of the commercial in the 70’s or 80’s, it if not appropriate to show a woman pregnant; however, now, TV and film portray the sexual side of women to the extent that women don’t have any respects anymore. Although we are more open-minded compared to back then, but there are definitely many negative sides to the evolution. For example, TV and film can give a false representation of women. Such that, in most film today, most scene of women is about gossiping and about men .Also, they give the representation the “perfect” type of woman where she has to be skinny, certain type of skin color, length of hair, and many more characteristics. This applies to Gramsci’s theories and resistance/ incorporation. The contemporary landscape of TV and film represent on balance a greater degree of resistant culture more than incorporation process.


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