The Evolution of Reality TV by Brea

Over the years we have seen the growth and great expansion of TV in todays generation. Not only has TV become a great part of people’s lives today but also it has changed the way people think in today’s generation. Today almost all households have at least one television and spend an average of over 5 hours a day watching television. Now the real question is what are we spending our time watching and to what extent is it doing for society. With televisions growth we have also experienced the growth in Reality TV. Today we witness the take over of Reality TV; it is all over television and holds a great part in what we as viewers consume.
Now what is Reality TV really showing us and presenting to society? For example the program MTV is very infamous for its Reality TV shows, in particular 16 and Pregnant as well as Teen Mom. Although television is for the use of entertainment, what are the messages behind these series? We have seen a numerous of teenagers become parents throughout these shows and although we experience their struggles becoming young parents we also experience their popularity. After the shows have aired we have seen many of the teen mom stars become a spotlight in the media and grow to becoming a Reality TV celebrity and becoming very famous. This being said most of the young parents presented this as a new accepted lifestyle. Friends of the TV stars have also become young parents in hopes of gaining the same exception and popularity.
This is a great example as well as many others represented on TV today that provide two very drastic messages to consumers. On one hand we gain the understanding on how hard it is to become a teen parent, but on the other hand we gain that it is possible to make it work with becoming a celebrity for becoming a young parent because of the popularity spread through the media and the money one can make by becoming a reality TV star. Aside from the fame Janelle a Teen Mom star gets paid over $75,000 a year as well as her mom getting paid as the “babysitter” over $65,000 a year. This is declaring a message that becoming a teen parent pays well and gives you great fame in the media.
In the end the representation of reality TV drastically is taking over television in general and the way we think today. Is this helping society, and is it the right way to create entertainment? Should we change the way we think or should there be a change in what we watch and how it is represented on television?


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