The evolution of TV and Film and the effect of socializing by Jenesh


The topic I want to address is socializing with people and how our human interactions have changed as we incorporate T.V. into our lives. I am curious to see what family on an average day looked like before when T.V. was not accessible. Now days I feel that we have become disconnected even in my own household because every room has a T.V. we get dinner and separate I sit in my room eating and watching my show as my mother goes to her room and watches a different show. The fact that we had the option to 9sit in different rooms as we ate dinner is crazy and impossible just a few years ago. Can we also go back to dinner, yes dinner a time that used to be spent with family and /or people you care about eating food and socializing. However now days I feel that we let television run our lives and interfere with our human bonds.

What I have learned over the past years is that this is all distraction from our own lives and feelings. Yes, it’s great for a temporary satisfaction but honestly it’s all-temporary. We feel better when we watch TV than hanging out with friends because we get to decide the topic. We think about TV as being humorous and relaxing and somehow we feel as though we are building a connection, from the Comfert of our coach or bed. Especially now days you can be even more interactive with the TV community with hashtag and discussion boards online. The fact that we are able to discuss with others our opinions and read about others ides is really awesome and I am glad that there is some kind of communication accruing. Another example of the television community is comic con, these events unite people who are into comics and fictional stories as well as films in that genre. This is a great way to build community through TV.

One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies with friends. This is seen as socializing however in my mind I wonder how this is social after all you are just sitting in a dark room with people for about two hours looking at a screen. Now I see it as an activity I was just embarrassed to do myself, think about it does it really make a difference if you go alone or with someone to a movie? Now I am not saying stop going to the movies with friends. I am just asking us to reevaluate what we think to be social because experience is anything like the one I described earlier I wouldn’t exactly call that socializing. However if you do have a different experience please explain I would love to know more.  While we are at it, it may be a good idea to my idea of socializing which for me means getting to know people whoa are different or similar to you and build a bond with them. The thought that movies are not exactly my idea of socializing doesn’t mean they are not useful in the building bonds part. Bonds are made possible when you share experiences with people one for example going to the movies with someone. This in my mind is a weak tie because it is superficial but it is a good start to building a stronger relationship.

Relationships are the main topic of all TV shows shown, the relationships between whom may be different but they all surround relationships never the less.  This is especially true in reality TV were there are multiple people and usually tons of drama that fallows. So how does this drama affect how we socialize with others? For example through shows like Basketball Wives, real housewives, and Bad girls club, we are thought to always criticize others based on looks, see other woman as treats, cause drama with others, we learn to be fake friend and we learn that being lazy is awesome and as long as your beautiful you can marry rich and not worry. If we as a society think that the things we watch on TV don’t affect us the interactions we have with people in real life then we are sadly mistaken. On average a child 6-11 years old watches about 4 hours of TV a day. This is 280 minutes of influence a day or 1,680 minutes per week. With about 8hrs spent sleeping, 7 hours at school this only leaves 5 hours left over. My only guess about what those 5 hours are, are from my own experience and these 5 hours were not spent with family. The influence of TV is sometimes even more present then our own parents. Being a child it was who grew up in a single family household it is not exactly easy, responsibility that are usually shared between two adults was the reality for only my mothers life. This caused an exhausted parent at the end of the day. So choosing to keep me entertained by at TV or entertain me herself was a no brainer. This doesn’t mean that she neglected to care for me not at all it was just easiest. Which I think a lot of parents get caught up in the easy, convenience of their child being entertained as they work on their never ending sleepless jobs. Never the less if we don’t have parents teaching us the appropriate way to socialize then what do we have ahh yes TV.  When I was in middle school the very famous high school inspired movie came out Mean Girls. The story line of this movie is 3 girls who run the school by being mean to others and self absorbed it then shows how to create a school dynamic with girl empowerment between each other. This movie has set a tone not only since middle school but beyond, teaching girls that there are no consequences for talking about people behind their backs, for pretending to be dumb and for being a mean, rude and self absorbed person. These are not qualities I wish to see in my society. The fact that TV and film play such a big role in how we socialize with people it is never really addressed is suppressing to me. Maybe it’s because we don’t know how to address it, maybe we are to lazy or maybe we just don’t care. I think that what it comes down to is we are so pooped from life that all we want to do is have time to be lazy. However laziness gets us no were and gets us further from our desired future of more socializing and more conscience TV.

One of the things we talked about in class was how Middle Eastern people are portrayed in Hollywood. This was a great way to show how racism is still sedately incorporated in our lives today. The film Reel Bad Arabs brought up a great. People should have a more holistic view of a culture and not just one or two Hollywood depictions. This is another example of how TV and film can impact our thinking and intern the way we socialize with people. An example of this was when the incident of 911 happened. Through the TV we were told to despise all people who are from the Middle East or who were Muslim. My friend feeling so ashamed of the depiction the TV had set for Middle Eastern people she started to deny who she was. This is not a worldview I want to continue with blaming and oppressing those who are different from ourselves. The fact that TV has such a big influence on how my friend felt about her self really speaks to the community we are building. With the knowledge we gain from watching TV we sometimes let it affect our interactions with others.

I think that the television like much technology in our society was created to make life easier. Yes, maybe TV was created to entertain but I am not sure 4hrs of entertainment was actually what they were going for. Although this is the current state of TV that doesn’t mean we can’t change it. What if at the end f movies they put in 2-3 questions that got people thinking about the movie. For example at the end of the Hunger Games Catching Fire they could ask, 1. Why does president snow want Katniss dead? 2. What does this movie have to do with our current lives? Yes this can be seen as consumer centric and that is ok, we are getting people to socialize and critically think about what they just saw.  

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