College Life and Pop Culture by Aria

In today’s world, all of us are affected by pop culture in many ways. Many factors contribute to making a change in community or a person. These factors can be very small such as a TV show character, or very large such as social media. College is where we choose who we want to be and choose our future and move toward it. We meet people that share the common interests as us. Therefore, depending on where we grow up and with what culture, we are affected differently. Nevertheless, some factors are still the same universally. One of these factors are colleges. In my opinion, colleges and universities have a significant impact on person and how he/she will alter the culture, so college is an important factor that affects pop culture.

College is one of the main places that a person can learn about the pop culture in a very greater depth than any other outside sources. For example, I am an immigrant from Iran and I am trying to learn as much as I can about the culture in the United States. So I tried my best by observing and a little bit of online reading. However, when I took the pop culture in the Portland State University, new perspectives and information were introduced to me and completely changed the way I looked at the pop culture. In fact, the critical thinking and bases of how to look at the culture is built in the colleges.

Secondly, in my opinion, college is a place that people create the culture they want and take it to the outside world or alter some norms and habits in pop culture. For example, in many colleges such as PSU and Portland Community College, organizations such as multi-cultural center have been stablished so that people from different backgrounds can meet each other and many opportunities are offered to them. This causes people outside of the school to treat people with different backgrounds differently and count them as part of the culture. Also college brings people with common interests together, and this causes them to develop and advertise their interests by for example creating an organization. Therefore, they can improve a norm or habit or alter it in some way that can affect others as well. For example, there is a robotic club in PSU that constantly holds events and try to make people interested in this field.

Furthermore, students in college will acquire some set of problem solving skills that will help them to enhance and add qualities to the pop culture so that it benefits everyone in the community. One example can be that people in the community treat people with different backgrounds equally which is something that is being taught in almost all colleges. Also people can bring the solving skills they have learned to the community and use them to overcome community and maybe cultural problems. Examples can be improving communication and social interactions between the members of the community through different activities and events that most people are interested in.

In conclusion, colleges and universities have significant impacts on the pop culture because of the variety of reasons. College gives us perspective, skills, and tools to recognize and understand the pop culture and improve it in any way possible. Some culture’s qualities could be that it should be welcoming, respectful, instructive, purposeful, and have their power among the people such as politics. In my opinion, people influence these qualities with their knowledge and beliefs. Their knowledge comes from where they have learned all about culture, which is mostly college. Therefore, culture is a very important factor that affects pop culture.

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