Extraterrestrial Life by Amanda

Extraterrestrial life also known alien life is a life that does not come from Planet Earth, and the study of this subject is known as exobiology. While there is no scientific proof that Alien life exists at all there are many people who believe there is and have claimed to come in contact with some sort of extracurricular activity. The idea of Aliens is a phenomenon among the popular culture industry. One place that sparks a lot of talk about this subject is Area 51. This area is a government owned old air force base located in Nevada near Grooms Lake, which has become labeled with many different conspiracy theories. Nobody knows whether or not other life outside of Earth exists which is why most people cannot seem to get enough of it.

The study of exobiology is significant to popular culture, because this study has not been found to be positively true or completely false. No one can for sure say that there is no existence of life outside Earth. The status this study has of “undetermined” is what drives the force behind it today in popular culture. You see movies and T.V. shows all the time portraying a place outside of our Earth, which creates impossible infinites of unsettled ideas of what really exists. For example, Star Wars portrays a whole type of life in another galaxy. This different type of life became an obsession to many people, and the hindering realization that people would never experience something like this depiction drove this industry to become even larger.

E.T. The ExtraTerrestrial is a science-fiction movie that was produced by Steven Spielberg in 1982. The film depicted a young boy, Elliott, who finds an extraterrestrial life and befriends. Elliott names his new friend E.T. who needs help finding his home. When E.T. is boarding his spaceship he says his famous line, “Phone Home”, which was a popular hook that came from this movie. This movie was a massive success and created a great following and created another outlet for those exobiology theories to run rapid. This movie celebrated its 20th birthday in 2002 by being remade with added affects, and remains a classic. The science-fiction genre is a prominent genre among films, movies, and books.

Today there is a large part of society does not see the longevity of Planet Earth as very good. Which brings up the question, what happens if Earth is no longer a viable place to reside what would the human race do? Well people have always been interested in finding this out and have researched inside our Galaxy, which led to have no proof that another viable place for Humans does not exist to our knowledge. So to our knowledge the human race would not be able to survive in the environments that other Planets have to offer. But what about extraterrestrial life, would it be possible for an extraterrestrial life to live in these extreme environments? This question has never been answered but the importance it has to a large majority of people is because the safety ramifications it could have could be indescribable as well as deadly.

While I personally have not completely decided if I believe in extraterrestrial life I still find it to continually itch at my curiosity. This interest led me to watch multiple documentaries regarding government involvement, which is also very significant in our society because it is one thing the government has not been able to classify as completely false. This aspect makes it ever more interesting in todays Popular Culture.


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