In American society today, we all believe our nation is full of freedom, open mind, and faithfulness. American society is always in revolutionary, and it has changed more rapidly today because of technologies. It is easy to notice how our society is different as compared with the past decade. Many of young American are believing freedom is the key for American value. American also has an open mind to accept or respect all the different matters from different people because our nation is build up a base on a diversity. The term Freedom plays an important role for most of American’s life. Freedom can be directly mean human right, equality, creativity and happiness, but freedom also brings something negative and controversial.
The Statue of Liberty symbolizes American is build up on freedom. Because of freedom, this nation is always attracting more and more people to live in. As a young live in America, I felt happy to be lived in this nation which full of freedom. As compared with the country I was born in which has limited freedom, I like to live in America because I have right to speech and no one is judging me. We have freedom in movies, songs, literature and social media because the government does not have many interventions as other countries like China. Because of freedom, we have more variety of matters in our movies, songs, and literature. Freedom is even giving more creativity and innovation in all the aspects of our society more than just movies, songs, and literature. For example, there could be many weird people in Hollywood such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber that are leading different kinds of subcultures. Because of American’s value of freedom and open mind, we accept everything and believe that makes our society more diverse. If these people lived in China or North Korea, they would be considered as crazy and might not allow to show up in public because they were considered as bad examples. Having freedom helps to create a variety of subcultures which makes American entertainments industry to be prosperous.
Having Freedom of expression in college could motivate our young people to have better social changes. Without many governmental interventions, college students and scholars have rights to express individual’s opinions which help to have academic success. The spirit of freedom is the key factor that leads to the United States to have the best educational system in the world and most scholars and scientists. Because of the spirit of freedom, America has the greatest economic market, political system, and technologies. An American citizen has the right of freedom means the citizens have the majority of power, not only the government. It’s easy to see that so many protests happen today to show how people do not like the new president and the government. It is right of freedom for American people to express their thoughts. If these protests happen in other communist or socialist countries, they would be executed or arrested by the government. The spirit of freedom is directly leading America to the be the one of the strong nation in the world.
Nothing is absolutely good or bad, there are always pros and cons toward everything including the spirit of freedom. Freedom also brings some negatives or controversial problem to American society. People have their own freedom to do everything they want to do as long as not hurting others. For a case, everyone has their own rights and freedom to have self-identification and choose whoever their partner is. The government has legalized homosexual marriage today; more gays and lesbians are showed up to the public today. It is a controversial issue in the society because many conservative Americans think that is not good for our future generations. It seems like it is a fashion trend to be homosexual such those Hollywood celebrities. Another case of the controversial issue of freedom would be legalizing marijuana. It is their freedom to take marijuana, but it could be bad for our children because it is the drug and bring negative values. Too much Freedom could be a challenge for conservative American values.
Even though freedom is the key to American value, there are not an absolute freedom in our nation. There are always regulations and restrictions in it. I believe our nation still has more freedom than many other countries. Because of the spirit of freedom, America has her own unique. The spirit of freedom creates American culture, it is leading American social changes and even global changes. The one thing can be identified as an American is freedom.



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