Soccer and pop culture by Meryan

                                 Popular Culture and Soccer

The history of soccer back more than two thousands years ago, to ancient China. Later, some counties claim to have started the sport such as Greece, Rome, and parts of Central America, as well. However, England was the country that developed soccer, or what the British and many other people around the world call “football,” into the game that we know today. England was the first, to develop the first uniform rules for the sport, in addition to forbidding tripping opponents and touching the ball with hands.

More rules were performed and more landmarks were set as the sport developed. For example, according to FIFA webpage, that the penalty kick made current in 1891. Also, FIFA became a member of the International Football Association Board of great British in 1913. During the 1970 world cup finals, red and yellow cards were introduced. By the time, more rules were developed and soccer became the game that we know nowadays.

These days, football became a universal language. It’s the most popular sport in the world. It is number one in my home country. In the US, it became popular as baseball and basketball. Soccer is one of the top popular culture now. According to “Soccer: Popular Culture,” By Peter Francesconi, soccer is the 2nd popular sport for those in the 12-24- year-old age group. In addition to the FIFA Big Count, there are 24 million youth and adult soccer participants. In the United States, the U.S Youth Soccer association has more than 3 million players between ages 5 and 19 years old. The American Youth Soccer Organization has over 300,000 players 4 to 19; and the United Soccer Leagues has nearly 100 teams and tens of thousands of players between ages 13 and 20.

Most of the younger age groups and both gender either play or watch soccer or what other people call “Football” By dint of the media and radio football became a popular sport among the other sports. In this sport, you express all the feelings at once. For example, if your favorite team is about to have a goal then you get excited, nervous and worry until the player about to shoot, however, if the player missed the goal then you get mad and you may say bad words. This is football that make you express all the feelings at once.

However, it sometimes has a negative impact on people. Some people may become intolerance and their intolerance might lead to disturbance to others. An example, I remember when Algeria and Egypt were playing a match for African Nations Cup the Algerian fans came down to the football pitch and started to have had a fight with the Egyptian fans. Because of this sports, the fans intolerance many people died that day and instead of becoming a good memory that we could remember over time it became one of the worse memories in the football history.

Nowadays, because of the social media and technology people can watch and keep on track of football championships over the world. Soccer became more popular than any other time. According to that, business companies started to use soccer popularity to earn a lot of money; by creating football games such as FIFA and selling soccer protects such as t-shirts, soccer balls, shoes, and many other products.

Overall, soccer became one of the top popular sports in the world, overtime. All ages and both genders started to like and play soccer. As we know, there are women football teams for all ages and they are important and popular as the men teams. In the past football, did not have many rules and it was not that popular. However, over time people started to like it and introduced many rules to it as they played more and it became the sport that we know now. I am a fan of football and maybe it is the only sport that I understand it a little bit.


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