The Promotion of Violence in Social Media by Everett

Everett lane

UNST 254

Mr. Osborn

5 February 2017

The promotion of violence

As I observe the society around me and all that I am exposed to on a daily basis, I begin to realize more and more that one thing media outlets will indubitably always use to summon the public’s attention would be violence, especially from those of higher fame and prowess. Striving against the popular order of society allows our most primal thoughts to emerge, enabling viewers to radiate with pure entertainment and satisfaction.

The obsession with fighting and conflict in America is not a new topic brought up in the 21st century. People have always fed off this taboo form of tension and barbarism in a society that is supposed to marvel with modern civilization. With the rise of the world’s vast, obtainable technology, people have been able to spread information to multiple sources exponentially faster than ever before. It can be agreed upon that celebrity figures, whether that be through movies or YouTube, dominate the maniacal hierarchy aspect of social media. When news articles and website titles contain these “rulers” in environments of confrontation or physical engagement, the population becomes very intrigued. This leads to readers being bombarded with headlines of the now popularized facet of Internet fighting. Popular providers such as twitter or YouTube enable the freedom of expression through media and self and seem to relish on the growth of social feuding, but fail to realize the power of human magnanimity. Although the integrity of mass media lacks in delicacy and sanctity, that has never stopped providers and creators from faking fights in order to acquire more viewership, even deceiving and evoking the impressionable youth of this generation. Along with ties of their own, celebrities create rifts within the digital society. People surrender their connections with each other, deciding which representative they will stand behind. This leads to an exponential growth in fighting between fans and critics alike, mainly due to the high amounts of publicity or fraud related to the perceived confrontation.

Overall, social media has successfully integrated the act of violence into America’s modern pop culture. Whether it be through arguments on twitter, debates within the news, or videos on YouTube designed to enrage viewers in the hopes of increasing viewership, violence sells and what can effectively make money will always have a place with corporations.


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