Video Games by Brianne

Video games have been around for a while and are constantly evolving.  They have influenced culture and helped shape it into what it is today.  The video games popularity has been growing and more people are playing them as time goes on.  The more widespread video games are, the more impact they have on culture.  Kids nowadays are even playing learning and being influenced by them.  People have been learning from stories told for ages, and it shapes how people see the world.  Video games tell stories in a unique way, letting the player experience it and not just hear it.  Stories are often used to communicate cultural values, information, history, beliefs, and more.  Video Games shape culture and it is important to understand how and the impact it is having on people, despite what some might believe.

Video games are an experience that many people are being exposed to and the number of people playing them is increasing.  “Video games are extremely popular and have caused a revolution in the entertainment industry. They are fun for everyone and are shaking off the bad rap they’ve had in the past” (Just How Popular Are Video Games).  This quote is explaining how video games are growing in popularity and it is getting more integrated into culture.  Since video game’s popularity is increasing, the impact they have on culture is also growing.  With the large number of people playing games, it is important to see how it impacts culture.

Stories teach humans how to deal with things and good morals.  This is probably why they are so important and have been around for as long as humans have.  “We live in a world shaped by stories. Stories are the threads of our lives and the fabric of human cultures. A story can unite or divide people(s), obscure issues, or spotlight new perspectives. A story can inform or deceive, enlighten or entertain, or even do all of the above” (Canning and Reinsborough, 5).  This quote is explaining the importance stories have on people.  Stories communicate values, so it is important to have moral and influential methods of storytelling.  Stories are a major part of culture, and that will never change.  Video games tell stories, so they are a part of culture.  Games are an effective method of teaching people through stories since they let the player interact as the story progresses, adding to the memorability of the story being told.  Some games let the player choose how the story will progress, adding to it another layer of influence on the gamer.  Video games tell stories, and with stories being a large part of culture, studies of how games influence culture should be made.

Video games are a large part of culture, and steadily growing larger.  With them becoming larger, their impact on culture grows.  Games are also a great tool for telling stories, which is another huge part of culture.  With video games teaching through stories and become a big part of society, it is important to better understand how these games impact culture.

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