Topic Selection


Topic Selection Paper

I have been brainstorming for the longest on what to type about for my Topic Selection Paper and as I do this I draw blanks. The different subjects related to pop culture that I think effect me most may have absolutely nothing to do with what anyone else would think has to do with pop culture. While I think my interests do not contain the same excitement for everyone else I feel it enforces me to acknowledge that I am self conscious about the things that make me most happy or that I actually enjoy being a part of the phenomenon, which makes culture popular. Topics such as astrology, music, and using on-line applications such a as tinder are indeed apart of pop culture and are also apart of my everyday life and more than likely everyone else to a degree.

An example of something culturally viral in our worlds to me is how we interact with each other in person and online. on tinder we have two options: to swipe right (attracted to another person) or swipe left (move on to the next individual within the app). Although we feel we have control on whom we will or will not talk to I feel there is still a missed opportunity when you haven’t actually met someone in person. Based on what pictures are posted of that individual and a mini biography about themselves we can make a sound judgement for ourselves. This also creates a kind of quick and cruel world with rejection, but the fact that there will be more options after you have swiped left keeps our confidence up and our willingness to use the application.

A topic on the rise amongst people of all ages is astrology. Basically astrology is us as humans looking to the planets for guidance. Believing in holistic healing or certain energies of each planet interacting with other to affect us in some way here on earth has shown to help others map out there daily lives or understand themselves better. Many people are skeptic to this idea that planets are able to determine our stages inline and who we are just by knowing the date and time and where we were born. Astrology has been made popular by popular sites or magazine or something to read as a blurb for the day or just for entertainment purposes to not be taken too seriously. Astrology isn’t a foundation to be used to predict your future, it is more of a tool to guide you through your life.

Pop culture has so many topics to touch on and the fact that it is apart of our everyday functionality almost its hard to pin point just one topic.


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